New Smith & Wesson Gear

New Smith & Wesson Gear

Grunt Force is now proud to offer brand new Smith & Wesson Gear for sale.  Check out the new Mens T-Shirts that have a super cool S&W Graphic Logo and one that has a distressed logo to make it look old but feel brand new for people who prefer the vintage look.  All 100% Cotton Short Sleeve Tees, with Fine Knit Collars, make it the perfect undershirt for Cold Weather Hoodies, Sweaters or Button-Down shirts...or just wear by itself and be looking dapper.

Also available is new Smith & Wesson Adjustable Hats with the Logo on the front panel.  Put the T-Shirt and Hat together for a deadly combination of style.  Don't be afraid to show that you still believe in an American's right to conceal carry, support S&W and to wear these brand new items, courtesy of Grunt Force



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