Hot Item of the Week!  Winter 1 Hole and 3 Hole Facemask

Hot Item of the Week! Winter 1 Hole and 3 Hole Facemask

     The dropping winter temperatures have made the One Hole Face Mask the Grunt Force Hot Item of the Week!  That's probably because nobody likes freezing their faces off in the windy city blocks, open fields or on a quad ripping up the trails. 

     Now available in Black and Olive Drab Green, these Face Masks offer fantastic wind and temperature protection for your face and still allow you to see effectively.  The 100% Acrylic material makes it feel super soft on your skin with no chaffing or rough-rub.  

     Feedback also likes the fact that it doesn't hit your eyelashes or cover your eyes, so sight is never a problem.  There is ample enough space to let you see while protecting you from the wind.  The One Size Fits All design is also conducive for men and women with its elasticity and fitted construction.  And for only $4.99, it will be shipped to your house or work asap. 


     Also available are the 3-Hole Face Masks that have also been heating up with the snow outside.  Similar soft Acrylic material, just the different design gives you the added protection of the nose and leaving room for the mouth to communicate easier.  But it does have smaller eyeholes, which some customers have found to be a nuisance if they need to drive their open-top 4 Wheeler.  But the extra material keeps your eyes from tearing up and freezing.

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