A Propper Introduction Into Our Tactical Gear Options

A Propper Introduction Into Our Tactical Gear Options

     Grunt Force is happy to announce that we have added the Propper brand to our popular Product List.  The Military, Security, SWAT & Tactical Gear Brand offers a wide variety of clothing, bags, accessories and tactical gear.   Be on the lookout for more options as time goes on, but for now the first installment of Propper includes the Tactical Profile Jackets, Military & SWAT Tactical Belts, Boot Socks, Foldable Patrol Caps, Tactical Holsters, Messenger Bags and many more options...and there is much more to come in the near future.


     Also in stock are the Cover Up Arm Sleeves that are trending more everyday for Tactical, Security and Law Enforcement Personnel.  People are using them for added warmth, covering up arm tattoos, perspiration control and they are becoming more acceptable with uniform wear across the country.   

Available in Black, LAPD Navy Blue and Khaki Tan, it matches numerous uniform colors.  The Polyester & Spandex material give it a tight snug fit without the squeeze of tight compression.  It covers from the tricep down to the wrist, giving you full coverage and stays on tight without having to keep adjusting it. 

     Come check out all of our options (keyword: Propper) and see what best suits you for what you need to get to the job done, day in and day out. 

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