Green Gear For St. Patricks Day at GruntForce.Com

Green Gear For St. Patricks Day at GruntForce.Com

     The 2016 Saint Patrick's Day season is coming very soon, only a few short weeks away.  We know that many wait until the last minute to buy you're festive green clothing, but as of today, all Olive Drab Green Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Shirts, Pants, Socks and Hats are all in stock for your parade or local Ale House shenanigans.  Check out our Most popular Long Sleeve T-Shirts here


        We also get great reviews about our military style irregular high socks.  Made from a cotton blend material with great elasticity, the socks stay up high enough to fully cover the calf without having to constantly pull them back up. With the cold weather and the possibility of being outside, you may need the extra layering.

     Also, a new addition to the Rothco bandana family is the Olive Drab Green USA Flag.

This 22" 100% Cotton bandana is only a few months old, it's basically brand new.  Introduced in November of 2015, these have been coveted by the masses...the cheap price of $4.29 is also a main factor as well.  More colors are on their way in the USA Flag theme, this is only the icing on the cake.  Mix this guy in with your overall wardrobe on the only day where it's unacceptable to NOT where green.  So come check out the hundreds of Olive Drab Green gear and clothes that has to offer before March 17th...we do offer expedited shipping for all you last-minute shoppers.



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