Hot Item of the Week!  Elevated Shelter Jungle Hammock

Hot Item of the Week! Elevated Shelter Jungle Hammock

     The weather must be warming up across the nation, because our Hot Item of the Week is the Rothco Olive Drab Jungle Hammock!  People are starting to prepare for their Spring Time hunts, hikes and outdoor adventures and planning ahead is half the battle.

     And it's easy to see why this was the Hot Item of the Week..this Jungle Hammock is made to save time with the easy set-up design while keeping you out of the elements and protecting you from annoying insects.  If you don't have to spend hours setting up a shelter, you can spend more time fishing, hiking, hunting or covering ground.  

     The Jungle Hammock is 6.5 feet long, plenty long enough for the average adult and the durable canvas bottom is rugged and can easily hold a 200 lb person, although the recommended weight capacity is around 220 lbs.  The overall dimensions are 78" x 30" x 20" so you have ample room and can get a good night's sleep and be ready for the next day.

     Users are loving the fine mesh sides to let the cool night's breeze through but at the same time keeping out mosquitoes, flies, jiggers, beetles, spiders, dragon flies, moths and all the other pesky bugs.

     For only $59.99, you won't have to worry about chopping down branches, setting up A-Frames, collecting Banana Leaves, hoping you have enough cordage to tie everything together, collecting dry grass and hoping it doesn't rain.

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