Grunt Force Is The Only Source You Need For This Bandana Season!

Grunt Force Is The Only Source You Need For This Bandana Season!

     Grunt Force is approaching it's 5,000th Bandana sold on ebay this Spring, and it's no surprise why they are so successful.  There are so many options, people can't pick just one.  They need to buy three or four of them since they are so cool, comfortable and available in so many designs.  The Paisley Trainmen design appeals to both Men and Women...and since they are humongous in size, they are able to fit over the thickest quaff or largest head in town.

     The most popular 27" Paisley is available in Black, White, Navy Blue, Olive Drab Green, Red, Black with Red Paisley, Red with Black Paisley and Gray with more color options on the way. 

     Also in high demand are our Bandana 6-Packs (27" American Flag Bandanas Pictured) in which you get six of the same bandana so if you lose one, you have another to replace it...or you can give some out to friends or strap one to Man's Best Friends as a Collar, the possibilities are endless.

     If you don't want to commit to the 6-Pack you can even settle for our most popular 3-Pack which includes the Olive Drab, Black and Black with Red

     The reason this Triple Pack is so  hot right now is because it includes our Three most purchased bandanas in one transaction.  You can change your color based on mood, wardrobe, Day of the Week, Holiday, whatever suits you.


     If the 27" design is too much for you to handle, than you can always scale down to our 22" option.  Available in all the same colors and designs as the Jumbo 27", the 22" is preferred by the small-headed, teens, children and smaller dogs and pets.



 These are some of our graphic print options as well.  We have every single option covered from American Flags to Zombies.  Some are Military inspired like our POW MIA and USMC Marines designs, but if you want to avoid the zombie apocalypse than we suggest getting the Zombie Head Shot bandanas that are new this year.


     For the hikers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts we offer the Rothco camouflage design Bandanas.  If you were suprised at the amount of Trainmen options, than you'd be shocked at the amount of different camouflage options.  Woodland Camouflage, Woodland Digital, Desert Camo, Desert Digital, Orange, Red, Purple, Pink, Subdued Pink, Midnight Blue Digital, Black & White City Camo, Tiger Stripe, Blue Digital, Total Terrain, Subdued Urban Digital and ACU Digital are what's available now with more Camouflage designs and colors to come. 


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