Bandana Season Has Officially Arrived!  Red Hot 27" Trainmen On Sale Now!!

Bandana Season Has Officially Arrived! Red Hot 27" Trainmen On Sale Now!!

     Since the calendar has turned from March to April, it seems that the bandana season is officially underway....and what a start it has been!  Scores of people are flocking to our ebay store since it is the #1 trusted supplier of bandanas of all types.  As of yesterday, we just crossed the 8,500 mark for our Jumbo Trainmen Bandanas.

     The big boy 27" Jumbo sized paisley trainmen bandanas are our most popular at the moment and usually always are.  The 100% cotton material and soft feel make it thee one to use.  The larger sized 27" x 27" ensures that your head gets, woman, child or pet. 

     The color selection is also ridiculous and there are more colors coming out every couple months.  Currently, the big boy trainmen paisley bandanas are offered in Olive Drab Green, Black, Black with Red, Dark Navy blue, Grey, Khaki Tan, Light Blue, Orange, Purple, Red with Black, Red with White, Royal Blue and White...and all for just $2.99 a piece!


     For those that like to order in bulk, we also have our super special 6 pack variety pack in which you get a black, white, blue, green, white and red bandana so you can change it up all the time.  But we also offer 6 packs of all types of bandanas, not just the paisley. 

     We have the patriotic USA Flag bandanas in traditional red, white and blue or subdued khaki version.  And these each come in six packs if that's your cup of tea.  And the are offered in smaller 22" versions as well.



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