Bulk MRE's, Small Pack MRE's and Water Rations

Bulk MRE's, Small Pack MRE's and Water Rations

Be prepared in uncertain times with an assortment of MRE's and Water Rations here at GruntForce.

Concerned about long lengths of time?

XMRE Blue Line Meals - 12 Pack

Offered in a bulk 12-Pack, these MRE's are sure you last you for extended lengths of time. Entrees include - Variety Of Beef, Tuna, Chicken, Pork, Pizza Or Vegetarian Options. All meals include Sides and Beverages as well as Spoons and Napkins for convenience. This is the ideal Ration pack for extended lengths of uncertain times. Available with OR without the included heaters.


Looking for rations in smaller portions? We've got that too.

Datrex Blue 3600 Calorie Emergency Food Ration


Offered 18 Bars Per Pack. With a Superior coconut flavor and 200 calories per bar, these rations are perfect for quick excursions and shorter lengths of time as they also do not provoke thirst. A must have for any survivalist or outdoorsman.


Lets Not Forget About Hydration - Water Rations

Datrex Emergency Water Packs (64/case)


Offered in a 64 case, Each sachet (125 ML/4.227 Ounces) of purified water is ready for immediate use. Made with superior packaging materials for optimum durability and storage.


Be certain to protect yourself and prepare for the the unknown. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Be ready for any uncertainty with these MRE's and Water Rations. Available now at GruntForce.com

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