Come Get Your Tactical & USA American Flag Patch at GruntForce!

Come Get Your Tactical & USA American Flag Patch at GruntForce!

     Grunt Force is swiftly becoming one of the most reliable source for all Tactical Patches for online buyers.  Folks can get their choice of many different colored USA American Flag style patches, including the classic Red, White & Blue or the Silver & Black, Khaki & Black, Olive Drab Green & Black, Foliage Green or the MultiCam pattern.

  Those same colors also come in reverse as well, so you can order one for each arm with our combat shirts or our popular Concealed Carry Field Jackets that include 2 Patches or our tactical hat collection!  Not to mention, the speed in which they are shipped and arrive is second to none!  Made by Rothco, these patches measure around 3" x 2" and are made from a cotton blend with a velcro type hook backing that attaches to any loop surface and is hard to pull off. 



     Rothco is also rolling out other new Tactical Patches all the time, seen above.  Military inspired, the vast variety is sure to have one that you would love to attach to your favorite shirt or hat.  The most popular ones are the Sheep Dog, Molon Labe, Sniper, Medic, Zombie Response Team and Infidel ones, but there are many more options.  Plus, now you carry all of your patches in our Morale Patch Organizer Notebook that is brand new and available in Coyote Brown.

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