Hot New Items: Propper Boonie Hats & 5.11 Tactical Trainer Belts!

Hot New Items: Propper Boonie Hats & 5.11 Tactical Trainer Belts!

     As part of our July installment, we are pumped to roll out the Propper Outdoor Boonie Hats!  We are in the thick of summertime and that sun is continuing to beat down on you, so  give yourself a break and spend a little on yourself to beat the heat.  These are 100% Cotton that allow your head to breathe and not suffocate your inner core.  It features vent holes on the side for added ventilation and also has a chin strap that adjusts, so you can have the perfect fit. Available in Black, Navy Blue, Khaki, Desert Camo, Olive Drab or Woodland Camouflage and we offer sizes 7, 7.25, 7.5 and 7.75, so come get yours today for only $12.99!


     Also getting rolled out this week are the 5.11 Tactical 1.5" Wide Trainer Belt.  Loved by Law Enforcement, Police, SWAT, Military and Tactical teams of all types,its built from a ultra-strong nylon mesh and features a solid stainless steel belt buckle with a 6,000 lb rating.  It's ideal for both on duty and off duty wear and offers more than enough support and durability to carry your holster and accessories without sagging, twisting or losing shape.  It also has reinforced stitching and can be quickly converted into a tie down, secondary carry strap or emergency harness.  The $39.99 price tag is the lowest you will be able to find by any dealer. 

     Available in Black, Coyote, TDU Green, Tundra, Sandstone and Charcoal Gray, we should have one that matches your uniform or taste.  This is a bargain at this price and even have 4XL available in certain colors.  Plenty in stock and ready to be shipped out today.


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