It's Boonie Hat Season All Summer Long, Get Yours Today!

It's Boonie Hat Season All Summer Long, Get Yours Today!

    We are in the thickness of the hot summer season all around the United States, but you can't just stay inside in the AC all day.  You need to get outside and be active and go fishing or hiking and hunting or just out for a casual stroll.  All the while the hot sun is beating down on your face and neck.  But now if you get your military style polyester cotton blend boonie hat, you will have that sun off of your skin and stay cool. 

     Not only do they help keep the sun off of you, they are fashionable and available in so many different colors and camouflage patterns, materials, styles and brands.  Rothco is a leader in the boonie hat world, we offer every one of their hats and now some Under Armour styles in Olive Drab or Black.


     For those hardcore outdoor hikers and campers who battle all the bugs and mosquitoes, we have the item for you.  The Rothco built in mesh netting bucket hat is all the rage nowadays. 

     The fine mesh netting doesn't allow any of the creepy crawlies up in your grill trying to get up your nose and in your ears.  The elastic bottom stays snug, but not too tight to the circumference of your neck, so there is no chinks in the armor.  The vent holes still allows your head to breathe.  The khaki option is on fire right now, so get yours today here.  Also available is a woodland camouflage pattern that you can get here.


So get yours today, any style, color, design, purpose and size because most are offered in S - XL or head sizes 6.75, 7, 7.25, 7.5 or 7.75!  You can't beat the price and your order gets shipped out super quick, so order yours today!


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