Rothco Come & Take It T-Shirt

Rothco Come & Take It T-Shirt

When it comes to making a statement, few symbols are as powerful as the snake. Just like a snake sheds its skin to grow, the Rothco Come & Take It T-Shirt snake encourages individuals to shed fear and embrace their unique identity. Rothco’s Come & Take It T-Shirt includes the historical slogan “Come And Take It”, first used by a Spartan King as a statement of defiance! This t-shirt is the embodiment of fighting for what is yours so order one today and show others that you're not one to be messed with!


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A detailed image of a snake and rifle with text “Come & Take It” are printed on the front of this firearm t-shirt. This come and take it graphic t-shirt is constructed with a cotton polyester blend for a winning combination of unbeatable comfort and rugged durability. Our gun graphic tee features a tag-less label. This is just one of the many high quality products we have to offer you from Rothco! Here at Grunt Force, we appreciate your business and thank you for choosing us for your outdoor and tactical gear!

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