Rothco Polar Fleece Security Watch Cap

Rothco Polar Fleece Security Watch Cap

Working as a security or bodyguard can be a tough job, especially when the temperatures drop. It's important to stay warm and comfortable while still maintaining a professional appearance. That's where the Rothco Polar Fleece Security Watch Cap comes in. This hat is not only designed to keep you warm, but it also features an embroidered security lettering in the front, making it the perfect accessory for those in the security industry. Order yours today and explore our website for more gear just like this!

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Made from a lightweight polar fleece material, the security knit caps will keep your head warm while working those long hours in cold weather climates. The front of the cold weather cap features embroidered white “Security” lettering. Additionally, the security skullcap is made with a double layer construction for added warmth. Rothco’s Polar Fleece Watch Caps are a must-have item for anyone working outdoors.  

Rothco’s Polar Fleece Security Watch Cap is extremely warm, making it the ideal hat for any security guard working long shifts in colder weather environments. This cap is just one of the many high quality cold weather items we have to offer you for this upcoming winter! Here at Grunt Force, we appreciate your business and thank you for choosing us for your outdoor and tactical needs!

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