Rothco's Duty Belt Silent Key Holder

Rothco's Duty Belt Silent Key Holder

Policemen, security and law enforcement gather up! Rothco's Duty Belt Silent Key Holder is an awesome addition to anyone's duty belt! Secure your keys on the job and keep your belt organized today with this amazing key holder! Something so simple can seriously be so effective! Eliminate the clanging of keys today and rest assured we have you covered for anything else you may need for your on duty belts!


- 10582

Made of a lightweight yet durable polyester, this key holder features a plastic hook that holds your keys in place. The loop and hook strap is lined with a leatherette material improving the feel of the product. This strap tightens your keys down so they don't jingle around as you walk and work! Something so simple can really be effective!

Whatever profession you are in, Rothco's Duty Belt Silent Key Holder is an excellent addition to your duty belt. Say goodbye to that annoying jingle of keys that everyone can hear down the hallway! This is just one of the many high quality products from Rothco you can depend on! Here at Grunt Force, we appreciate your business and we thank you for choosing us for your outdoor and tactical needs!

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