Rothco Coyote Brown Fingerless Wool Gloves

Rothco Coyote Brown Fingerless Wool Gloves

Having easy access to your hands and maintaining your grip is extremely important in many instances and jobs. Similar to Rothco's Wool Gloves, these fingerless gloves give you full access to all five fingers on both hands. Get a grip! While still protecting you from the elements and keeping you warm, these gloves allow you to have a grip on anything in your path. Take on the outdoors with confidence!


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Rothco's fingerless wool gloves feature a 70% Wool / 30% Nylon blend material that is absolutely perfect for outdoor activities. Worn as glove liners or gloves alone, these fingerless gloves will make any outdoor tasks significantly easier! They will fit like a glove!

These fingerless gloves allow you to fully appreciate the outdoors while keeping you warm and dry from the elements. What could be better? These are one of the many exciting, built to last products here at Grunt Force and we recommend you check out more! Thank you for choosing the number one supplier of all things tactical and outdoors!

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