Rothco's Hinged Helmet Liner Balaclava

Rothco's Hinged Helmet Liner Balaclava

Not ready to say goodbye to the winter? Maybe you're planning a ski trip in the mountains! Whatever your reasoning is, make sure you prepare for the frigid weather ahead of time! Rothco's Hinged Helmet Liner Balaclava is a versatile facemask that can be worn whichever way you need. This fully adjustable mask will keep your head and neck warm for the entirety of your trip. Featured in two tactical colors, you can match your gear for a more completed look.

- 42031 (Coyote Brown) 

- 42030 (Black)

Made from a 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex blend material,  Rothco’s Hinged Helmet Liner Balaclava is warm, comfortable, and versatile that is great for any winter activity. This winter face mask features a hinged design that enables you to adjust the orientation to your needs. Thanks to the hinged design, you can wear the ski mask as a balaclava, neck gaiter, face mask, or hood. This balaclava mask features a soft and warm four-way stretch poly/spandex composition for optimal thermal insulation. The breathable mesh mouth covering combats moisture. Excess fabric on the neck maintains full coverage while on-the-go and can be tucked into your collar. 

Rothco's Hinged Helmet Liner Balaclava is an excellent choice for anyone looking to spend their time in the cold weather. This Balaclava is just one of the many  high quality products from Rothco you can truly depend on! Here at Grunt Force, we appreciate your business and thank you for choosing us for your outdoor and tactical needs!

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