Rothco's Hip Holster

Rothco's Hip Holster

There's different ways of holstering your firearm depending on your preferences and whether or not you're required to have full concealment. When you're in a pinch, it's important to have easy access to your firearm. That's where Rothco steps in. Holstering your firearm at your hip is convenient for police officers, security guards and armed guards. Featured in black, this Hip Holster is reliable and will stay in tact throughout any tough situations!


- 10544

This polyester and vinyl holster is lightweight and easy to use. This holster fits 4” & 5” autos including Beretta 92, Colt, Glock, Etc. An adjustable front strap ensures the safety of your firearm whilst it is holstered. This holster is ambidextrous (Left and Right Handed) for anyone and everyone to use! This is a fool proof option for those who carry your firearms. 

If you carry your firearm on the job, this holster is a no brainer for you! Rothco's Hip Holster is just one of the many high quality products from Rothco you can depend on! Here at Grunt Force, we appreciate your business and we thank you for choosing us for your everyday outdoor and tactical needs!

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