Rothco's Lensatic Metal Compass

Rothco's Lensatic Metal Compass

We all know the saying, "If its not broke, don't fix it". With that being said, compasses have been a reliable tool for navigation for as long as we can remember! Keeping it simple is what we're all about and Rothco's Lensatic Metal Compass makes it as easy as can be when it comes to electronic free navigation. A perfect addition to your bug out bags, this metal compass will help you explore the world and conquer your next expeditions with ease! 


- 399 

Rothco’s Lensatic Compass is built with a hard aluminum case to protect the main components of the compass wherever you travel. The adjustable luminous marching line, floating luminous dial, and magnifying viewer gives essential, precise readings while you are navigating through the wilderness. The sighting hairline gives this outdoor compass accurate aiming while using the thumb hold for stability.

Head into your next adventure prepared and confident with Rothco's Lensatic Metal Compass! This compass is just one of the many high quality products from Rothco you can depend on! Here at Grunt Force, we appreciate your business and thank you for choosing us for your outdoor and tactical needs!

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