Rothco's Nylon Compass Pouch

Rothco's Nylon Compass Pouch

As your gear expands, you look for more storage space for specific gear so you can have an easy access whenever you need it. Rothco's Nylon Compass Pouch is exactly just that! This nylon compass pouch is a designated spot for your compass that can be attached to your belts and backpacks! This small and lightweight addition is simple yet effective at keeping your compass secure to your equipment and gear so order yours today and start exploring!


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Rothco's Nylon Compass Pouch is made from a water Repellent Nylon and measures out to 4 1/2 '' X 4 1/2 ''. This pouch features a belt clip on the back that can be used for attaching this to your waist or your your bags. A button snap closure keeps the top flap closed, securing your compass no matter where you go!

Now that you have the perfect spot for your compass, we encourage you to explore the wilderness and enjoy the summer while it's still around! Here at Grunt Force, we appreciate your business and thank you for choosing us for your outdoor and tactical needs!

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