Rothco's Spec Ops Tactical Fleece Jacket

Rothco's Spec Ops Tactical Fleece Jacket

Winter is generally about one thing, keeping warm. There are many options in choosing the best winter jacket that suits your needs and sometimes making the wrong choice of jacket just happens. Don't catch yourself stuck in the cold with the wrong gear! Rothco has you covered with the right gear for all the times you wish you had it. Rothco's Spec Ops Tactical Fleece Jacket is a perfect option for those looking to keep yourself extra warm in the cold seasons. 


- 96675

- 96680

- 96670

Constructed of 100% heavyweight polar fleece, this jacket features a tricot lining allowing you to stay warm in very cold temperatures. Zipper pockets across the front and sides of the jacket allows on the go storage and a drawstring waist ensures a tight fit. Fold out cuffs with thumb holes keep your arms sealed from the cold keeping the inside of the jacket warm.


- 96690

Picking the right jacket for the occasion can be tricky. Thanks to Rothco, comfort and warmth in the winter has never been so stylish and easy! At Grunt Force, we appreciate your business greatly and we thank you for choosing the number one supplier in all things tactical and outdoors!

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