What's Hot? Rothco Military Style Black or OD Jungle Combat Boots!

What's Hot? Rothco Military Style Black or OD Jungle Combat Boots!

     A surprise Hot Item of the Week this week is the Rothco Black and Olive Drab Green Military Style Jungle Boots!  It is a reminder that not all people are sandal wearers during the Summer.  Plus, the affordable price of just $30.99 is unbeatable for the quality, making them available to just about everyone.  Also available in a plethora of sizes and different colors and they match and go well with a number of other Rothco items, like the vintage Paratrooper Pants or the Infantry Cargo Shorts.

     Rothco's GI Style Jungle Boots Feature A Canvas & Nylon Upper that holds its shape well but doesn't constrict the lower leg.  The Black Leather Toe & Heel With A Black Rubber "Panama" Sole is vulcanized to the boot and offers you the classic looks with a comfortable step and cushioning.  At 8" high, these classic military combat boots are great to wear on a great hike outdoors, or in the airsoft field or just out with friends on a Saturday night.


      Rothco's Jungle Boots Are Available In Sizes 1 To 15 Regular Width, 5 To 13 Wide Width, Full Size Only. The Jungle Boots Are Available In Black And Olive Drab Green.  The size availability 1-6 are ideal for kids and women.  Plus, we dare you to find a better boot for the price.  At only $30.99, these boots are the closest thing to G.I. as it gets.

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