What's Hot? Waterproof Hanz Seal Skinz Gloves and Socks!!

What's Hot? Waterproof Hanz Seal Skinz Gloves and Socks!!

     More and more people have been giving us feedback about how they are using the super popular Hanz Waterproof All Season Seal Skinz Socks and Gloves not just for underwater purposes, but for everyday purposes too.  The waterproof finish allows the hands to stay dry at all times without worry of getting soaked in the snow and rain.


      the luter lycra spandex material for the Waterproof Gloves is the perfect stuff for wearing on hands since it allows some dexterity and contortion for the fingers to grab, push, pull and point.


      The nylon and spandex middle layer of the Seal Skinz socks is like another layer of skin, but it is impenetrable by water!  It even allows sweat to escape while not allowing water in.  And since both of these products are made in the USA, you know you are getting quality merchandise.  Both are available in mens sizes Small, Medium, Large, and XL and only currently come in the color black. 

     Come check out these or our other collections of gloves here.  We have a wide variety of selections to choose from.  All colors, patterns, sizes and material are available to the masses, so step up today and keep those extremities fine and toasty.

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