You Can Bet Your Boots on These!

You Can Bet Your Boots on These!

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps! Autumn is slowly starting and you need to prepare. Your footwear is an important choice to make especially for the up and coming weather. Rothco has you covered! Featuring in three different colors, Rothco's Military Jungle Boots are the absolute perfect choice for all things outdoors.

Starting at $57.99, Rothco's Military Jungle Boots are a very versatile, lightweight boot that's built to last! An eight inch overall height with a nine eyelet lace system allows strong ankle support and a very secure overall feel. The cleated panama outsoles are thick vulcanized rubber and features a steel shank that reduces strain for long days of work on your feet. 

Ventilation is a key factor in staying comfortable in your boots. These boots have dual vent holes to increase breathability to keep your feet cool and dry! The upper section of these boots are constructed with a breathable and flexible Canvas/Nylon which allows a very wide range of motion. Jungle boots run a size larger, which have been designed to wear with two pairs of wool socks.

Head into the fall this season with confidence! Rothco's Jungle Military Boots are one of many combat tested, built to last products that we know you will love. At Grunt Force, we thank you for choosing your local leader in all things military, tactical and fashionwear!

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