All Outdoor Hiking, Camping and Backpacking Canteens on Sale!

All Outdoor Hiking, Camping and Backpacking Canteens on Sale!

     Right now is peak camping and hiking season in the United States, which makes our canteens a must-have for anyone thinking of needing water in the next few days.  Leading the way is our 3 Piece Canteen Kit with Aluminum Cup and Canteen Cover with button closure and an attached screw cap. 


     Available in Black or Olive Drab Green, this convenient little purchase includes all you need around the campfire.  You have your Canteen Cover to attach anywhere on your bag or belt, you have the canteen itself to carry the water that you need to survive...and you have the metal cup to boil the water in, and maybe some other tasty treats if you're lucky, to keep you going another day.


     Another necessity for any outdoor lover is the lightweight Military Type Stainless Steel Canteen Cup by itself with the handles.  If you already have a plastic canteen or non-metal type, than this has been an easy gift choice for many this summer.  If you know anyone with a birthday or ceremony of any kind, and they love the outdoors, than all you need is $9.99


    Another choice is the Woodland Camouflage 24 oz Plastic Canteen with the shoulder strap and screw cap too.  This holds some more water than the other ones for the longer journeys or the possibility of being out longer than you planned.


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