A Guide to Choosing Camo Cargo Shorts

 Cargo Shorts

As an enthusiast of military gear, I have a deep appreciation for camouflage cargo shorts. Their rugged, practical design harkens back to the utility and efficiency prized in military attire. The multiple pockets offer both style points and handy storage for carrying essentials during outdoor activities or airsoft games. The durable construction allows cargo shorts to withstand tough conditions and terrain.

Ultimately, camo cargo shorts blend functionality with a nod to military heritage - the perfect choice for those seeking adventure alongside modern style.

Key Features to Consider:

Fabric and Durability

Look for ripstop cotton or synthetic blends to prevent tears and enhance longevity.

Camouflage Pattern

Choose a camo pattern like woodland, desert or urban based on your style and environment.

The woodland pattern is a personal favorite, blending beautifully with nature during hiking trips.

Fit, Comfort and Mobility

Seek a relaxed yet flexible fit with gusseted crotches for uninhibited movement.

Pocket Design

Appreciate the signature cargo pockets plus smaller compartments to organize all your essentials like multitools.

Sturdy Hardware

Durable closures, reinforced stitching and robust construction ensure years of hard use.


For warm weather, moisture-wicking and ventilation keep you cool and dry.

Brand Reputation

Trusted names like Rothco deliver authentic military style with impeccable quality.

Whether for daily wear or rugged adventures, the right camo cargo shorts merge military-inspired design with modern performance. Consider your needs and prepare to embrace this stylish yet highly functional wardrobe staple.