Fred Bear x Rothco Camo Collection

Gear Up for a Successful Hunting Trip with Fred Bear Camo

A tribute to the iconic Fred Bear. This famous camo design from Bear Archery is now available in Rothco Outerwear as part of their latest collaboration. It has a base coat that is greenish-brown with simple images of foliage, bushes, and bears strewn throughout. This camouflage provides you with a strong tactical advantage in hunting and outdoor sports. People are actively seeking out Fred Bear Camouflage, so its safe to say the impact that Fred Bear had left is still felt today.

In this article, we're going to take a deep dive into Fred Bear Camo, the gear you'll need and exactly why it will benefit you and your hunting experiences!

Everyday Hoodie

Made from 60% Cotton / 40 % Polyester with enhanced motion in mind, Rothco's Everyday Hoodie in Fred Bear Camo brings comfort and warmth while maintaining your tactical prowess. The draw string hood allows you to trap body heat and stay warm, perfect for long days in the field. Looking to stay warm for your next outing? The inner fleece provides maximum comfortability whether you're lounging on the couch or hunting with family and friends. This hoodie layers flawlessly with outdoor coats or jackets, making this ideal for even the coldest nights of the year.

Twill BDU Shirt 

If you're looking to get down and dirty in your next hunting campaign, the Rothco Twill BDU Shirt will certainly keep up with whatever is in your path. Constructed with a blend of 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester material, this button down shirt provides strength and comfortability, ideal for any outdoor events. Adjustable wrist cuffs will keep your sleeves in place, ensuring a perfect fit. Become the ultimate outdoorsmen and conquer your next expedition with this tactical BDU shirt.

Ranger Vest 

When it comes to gadgets and extra equipment, you tend to ask yourself "Where will this fit?" Rothco's Ranger Vest incorporates tactical utility and ample storage space for those who like to stay prepared for anything. With eight front pockets that are fastened with hook and loop and zippers, you'll have more than enough of room for storing necessities efficiently. The hooded, zippered collar improves flexibility in a variety of situations. Stock up on necessities and head outdoors feeling unstoppable with this Fred Bear Camo Ranger Vest.

Moisture Wicking T-Shirt

For an effective cold weather outfit, its important to start from the base. Rothco’s Moisture Wicking T-Shirt is as good as it gets when it comes to staying comfortable and dry under heavy winter attire. Comprised of 100% polyester, this shirt is completely breathable and moisture wicking, perfect for maintaining your comfort during a long day of hitting the slopes or hardcore exercises in the gym. Order yours today and stay comfortable all year round with this Moisture Wicking T-Shirt.

Tactical BDU Pants 

Pairing perfectly with the Twill BDU Shirt, Rothco's tactical pants provide mobility, durability, and lots of storage for any true outdoor enthusiast. These are designed for comfort, performance, and convenience, allowing you to put these BDU pants to the test every time you head outdoors. Reinforced knees and seat strengthen your every movement for intense hunting situations. These pants offer all day comfort and resilience so you can enjoy your hunting experience to the fullest.

Medium Transport Pack 

The ultimate choice for tactical proficiency, the Rothco Camo Medium Transport Pack is as good as it gets when it comes to packing for your next hunting trip. This tactical pack is built with a heavyweight construction and boasts a ton of storage options for any gear you're looking to bring. The water resistant material will provide your belongings with a protective barrier from the elements, allowing you to truly get the immersive experience you've been looking for.


Planning a hunting trip can be an exciting adventure, but it also requires careful preparation to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for everyone. You're going to want clothing that will keep up with your every move, while maintaining a tactical edge. Rothco's Fred Bear Camo Collection seamlessly blends fashion with functionality, making these items perfect for your next hunting expedition.

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