Hot Item of the Week: 3 Hole Winter Ski Facemasks

Hot Item of the Week: 3 Hole Winter Ski Facemasks

     Sometime by the end of January, Grunt Force's ebay page will surpass the 2,000th 3 Hole Face Mask.  The last Three weeks, these have been Grunt Force's Hot Item of the Week, selling an average of 60 a week the last month with that average trending upwards.  Check out our ebay Facemask link here - not only are these things super affordable for under $6 but they serve a humongous purpose of keeping your head and face warm and out of the wind.

     The most popular color has been the Black, but also offered in Olive Drab Green, Coyote Brown and Foliage Green.  The holes are in a strategical place on the face so the material doesn't always go into your eyes or cover up your mouth making it harder to breath.


     Rothco has been making these exclusively in the USA, making them from the most comfortable acrylic material that is soft on your skin, comfortable on your head and protects you from the cold and wind. 

     The 3 Hole Face Mask's cousin was the Hot Item of the Week Six weeks ago...the 1 Hole acrylic face mask who is also approaching it's 2,000th purchase. 


You can see the One Hole Face Masks ebay link here. Also made of acrylic, it's the same thing as these masks with the obvious exception of just one hole instead of 3.

And for the low price of just $5.99 you can't go wrong with this week's Hot Item of the Week!


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