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    This week's Hot Item of the Week belongs to the Men's Red & Black Fleece Lined Plaid Flannel aka The Lumberjack Top.  With the cold weather, people want to stay warm but they also want to look good while doing it.  It's no surprise that this item is as hot as it is when the temperatures plummet.  So far, the only color that is fleece lined is the Red and Black version, but be on the lookout for more color options this year and next!



     This is one of our new products and shouldn't be confused with our other buffalo plaid line that is not fleece lined.  The price is a tad more expensive, but worth every penny after you see where that extra cost has gone...into the inner fleece lining that is designed to keep you cozy and warm.


     You have seen our collection of other colors and styles of the Plaid Flannel (pictured above).  Those aren't fleece lined though, but do come a little bit less expensive at just $36.99.  However the 2739 Rothco version includes a super warm polar fleece lining on the inside so that your core stays warm at all times.  The extra price is totally worth it since it has that extra layer of warmth.  It also has a full button-up front, two front pockets and a matching tonal collar that you can wear down or popped up.  The inner is all fleece and the outer shell is 100% Cotton material, so it is ready to battle the elements with you. 


     And it is also the Hot Item of the Week because not only do we have every size in stock, it is offered in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, XXL and XXXL.  So heat up this cold weather with the Grunt Force Hot Item of the Week, and it will be a purchase you can wear for multiple cold weather seasons and years to come.  And don't forget that we and Rothco are constantly coming out with new products and new brands to bring our customers every week. 



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