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Hot Item of Week: Classic Woodland Camouflage Shirts for Men and Women

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     One of the most consistent and reliable items that Grunt Force has in stock is the classic woodland camouflage long sleeve shirt and that's why it is this weeks Hot Item Of The Week!   Ever since Yeezy featured the Rothco Woodland Camouflage on season 2, the hip hop community has been snatching them up and these have been hard to keep in stock.


     They say that fashion comes around and this certainly seems to be the case with woodland camo.  Now women are wearing it more than ever, and we carry it in a number of different designs including the Athletic Performance Tank Top (Pictured above) and kids have always loved the look.  Thats why we carry kids sizes of it too for all ages here.  So come get yours today before we run out all over again!



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