Rothco's Deluxe Long Length Mosquito Headnet

Rothco's Deluxe Long Length Mosquito Headnet

As we settle into the summer, the weather only gets warmer and the environment starts to get filled with bugs! We all know how annoying bugs can be, especially when you are trying to accomplish tasks outside. Rothco has the perfect option for anyone looking to keep the critters away from this season to the next! Rothco's Deluxe Long Length Mosquito Headnet supplies you with a lightweight mesh barrier between your head and the outdoors. Step outside and smell the flowers without that fear of bugs!


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Rothco's Deluxe Long Length Mosquito Headnet is a 100% Polyester mesh mosquito net that measures 21 inches in length at the front and 19.5 inches at the back, providing full coverage even with large hats. The long length design allows the wearer to securely place the net all the way around the head and can cinched at the bottom with a cord lock adjuster to further prevent insects from getting inside the bug netting. This Deluxe Mosquito headnet comes with a carrying pouch so it can easily be packed into your pack. 

 Defend against mosquitos and other pesky insects with Rothco's Deluxe Long Length Mosquito Headnet! This is just one of the many high quality products from Rothco that you can depend on! Here at Grunt Force, we appreciate your business and we thank you for choosing us for your everyday outdoor and tactical needs!

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