Coverall, Snowsuits and Winter Must Haves

Winter Protection from Head to Toe

Spending time in the great outdoors can be a magical thing for anybody looking to clear their mind and get away. Depending on where you live, the colder seasons may not seem as inviting as the warmer ones. We believe that no matter what time of year it is, everybody deserves to head outdoors and enjoy every second of their surroundings. Rothco allows you to take the cold on head first, supplying you with a variety of items that bring you comfort and warmth for the colder seasons of the year. Sounding too good to be true? Join me as we take a look at some of Rothco's cold weather gear, how it will help you this winter and why it's a great choice for you to wear. 

Insulated Coveralls and Snow Suits

Starting off with the biggest items in our list, Rothco supplies us with multiple great options when it comes to keeping our bodies comfortable during the cold winter season. Rothco's Insulated Coveralls are one of the many products that truly stands out from the rest, providing serious warmth and protection from frigid temperatures. Recommended by workers across the country, Rothco's Insulated Coveralls can withstand rigorous outdoor use, ideal for those looking for a tougher option when it comes to working and staying warm.

If you're looking to spend time in the snow, Rothco's Ski and Rescue Suit is a perfect choice for you. The 100% nylon outer shell makes this coverall waterproof, allowing you to stay dry so you can focus on having fun. Both of these coveralls are highly recommended for staying warm, so choose which one applies to you and order yours today. 

Head and Hand Protection



Now that we have our coveralls on, let's look at some of the greatest cold protection available for our hands and heads. Starting off with a personal favorite, Rothco's Polar Fleece Adjustable Balaclava is the perfect choice to make when your looking to keep your neck and head warm for long days in the snow. Racing down the slopes of Camelback Mountain, I was thoroughly impressed on how comfortable and versatile this balaclava was. It easily adjusted to the right size and stayed in place for every stumble and fall. Safe to say, this product was a success.

Another item worth mentioning is the Rothco's G.I. Glove Liners. A simple yet effective solution to keeping your hand protected from the cold, these glove liners fit seamlessly under your winter gloves for enhanced heat during long days of shredding snow.

For the ultimate hand protection, Rothco's Waterproof Cold Weather Neoprene Gloves provide a strong barrier, keeping your hands dry and warm. The fleece liner and rubber grip that's featured on this pair of gloves makes the perfect combination for any avid ski/snowboard enthusiast, supplying you with enhanced grip and unbeatable comfortability on even the coldest days of the year. 

Boots and Socks

Working our way down to the feet, it's important for you to take the right steps in deciding which boots work for you. Lucky for you, I'm here to help guide you in the right direction. To stay warm, dry and safe in the snow, The Rothco Cold Weather Hiking Boots are the first boots that come to mind. These waterproof, insulated boots make the perfect companion for anybody looking to tube down the slopes and enjoy an evening of ice fishing. With improved traction for ice and snow, you won't let the elements slow you down this year.

Keeping your feet comfortable in these conditions is definitely a joint effort, so it's safe to say a good pair of socks isn't a want but a need. Rothco's Thermal Boot Socks are the cherry on top, giving you the soft and warm feel you wish you had on your last trip. Featured in three colors, matching with your gear adds a touch of style anybody could appreciate. Say no more to that dreadful feeling of cold wet socks and uncomfortable winter gear.


Don't wait until the first big snowfall to start thinking about making an upgrade. Head to the mountains feeling confident and knowing you will be protected. Check out Rothco's cold weather collection and get ready to embrace the winter season for years to come.

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