Summer Shorts Essentials: Cargo Shorts, BDU Shorts and Physical Training Shorts

Summer Shorts Essentials: Cargo Shorts, BDU Shorts and Physical Training Shorts

The Daily Dilemma

Every morning during the spring and early summer, we're faced with the same question: "Should I wear pants or shorts today?"

We're in that indecisive time of year when the weather just can't make up its mind. But hey, it seems like summer is finally making its long-awaited appearance!

A Symbol Of Freedom

I've always had a love-hate relationship with shorts, mainly because I've wanted to wear them all year round. Growing up, shorts were the ultimate symbol of freedom – they meant school was out, the pool was open, and adventure awaited.

Whether I'm gearing up with cargo shorts for outdoor exploration, reaching for work shorts to tackle tasks, or slipping into training shorts for workouts, I always seek out the perfect pair to get me through the day.

Join me as we explore some of my favorite options to keep cool, comfortable, and stylish all summer long.

BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) Shorts

Cargo Shorts & Military BDU's

Durability Firsthand

At 16 I started working with my father at his pool company during the summer. The first day I wore basketball shorts. Seemed logical enough, right? Nope! I learned very fast (let's say by hour two) that I made a rookie mistake. The shorts were completely soaked and when cotton gets wet, well your mobility completely disappears. I found myself doing the "duck-waddle" for the next few hours to avoid chafing.

Since then, I've shifted to a more durable and water-resistant style short. These BDU shorts are generally made with a tough poly/cotton blend material and even offer "Rip-Stop" style fabrics for next level protection. Rip-Stop fabrics are so versatile and strong that it's used by the United States Military as a standardized piece of field clothing.

The beauty of "Rip-Stop" fabric is everything the name implies. Should something puncture or tear your shorts, it will confine the damage to that singular spot versus tearing a massive hole or rip through a large chunk of fabric. To further elevate them, rip-stop fabrics usually have a nylon or polyester blend within them making it highly water-resistant.

If you're taking up a side job, tackling construction work or getting dirty this summer, I strongly recommend BDU shorts. They offer superior durability from mesh shorts and more mobility from their cargo short counterpart.

Versatile Style

One of the things I love about these is the endless variety of colors and camouflage patterns available. For a professional look, the solid navy blue and khaki options are perfect—they're my go-to for house visits and appointments while on the job.

Adjustable Comfort

Let's not forget the waist pull tabs! They're a lifesaver when it comes to on-the-go comfort, guaranteeing my shorts stay exactly where they should. If you want to avoid the dreaded "plumbers crack", I would highly recommend these shorts.

When a piece of clothing fits just right, it becomes a reliable part of your daily routine. They're a part of mine and I'm sure they will be for you as well. That's why they'll always be my first choice for the summer.

Athletic Shorts

Men's Athletic Shorts

Embracing Relaxation

I'm all about that free-hanging, baggy vibe, which is why sweat shorts are my top pick when it comes to lounging around.

For light workouts or just relaxing at home, Sweat Shorts keep me cool and comfortable with their relaxed fit and breathable fabric. If you're into laid-back comfort, sweat shorts are definitely the way to go.

Effortless Everyday Wear

Not only do I wear these to the gym, but with so many colors or camos to choose from, I can go to the store without feeling under-dressed or out of style.

From classic basketball shorts to more form fitting leisure wear, the choices for athletic-wear are truly endless. 

Performance Wear

For anyone who prefers a more formed fit, Physical Training PT shorts are the answer. They offer the support and snug fit needed for high-performance activities, making sure you stay ready for action.

While they don't offer the same laid-back comfort as sweat shorts, physical training shorts compensate for it with their performance. Their moisture-wicking material keeps me cool and dry to the touch, allowing me to focus on my workout without any distractions.

I'm sure everyone could agree that we all could use a little assistance during exercise, and these shorts provide just that, pushing myself further than ever before.

Cargo Shorts - A Timeless Classic

Cargo Shorts On Longboard

Adopted by the U.S. Military for uniforms in the 1940's, cargo shorts provided extra storage for soldiers on the battlefield. Since then, they've been transformed into a casual-wear fashion statement in more modern times.

When adventure calls, cargo shorts are there to answer! Some of my favorite memories growing up were made possible by the easy on-the-go storage of cargo shorts, whether I was collecting treasures at the beach or carrying extra snacks for a bike ride with friends.

From hiking and camping to fishing and hunting, I definitely suggest grabbing yourself a pair of cargo shorts if you're trying to make the most out of the summer. Not only are they rugged and will hold up for years, but they also come in enough colors and styles for each day of the week.

I can't remember a summer weekend without wearing a pair—they’ve been my reliable companion for every adventure, offering durability and plenty of storage for all my essentials.

Not to mention, the vintage style and feel really makes for an authentic look, regardless if I'm out and about or enjoying a casual day with friends.

Free The Legs!

As summer approaches, I know that a quality pair of shorts will be one of the best purchases I can make for myself. From hitting the gym to outdoor adventures, this selection of shorts has me covered for anything.

Share your summertime adventures with us and join the movement to free those legs today!

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